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Headquartered from the Northern Beaches Sydney, our team takes inspiration from our surroundings, to design pieces that  embodies our cosmopolitan beach lifestyle.

Sophistication and playful in equal parts.


Ethical & Sustainable Fashion


We work with a small, family run factory in Guangdong, which we have chosen for their fair working conditions, and wages. We visit and inspect the factory annually which includes complete facility walk through. We love how our factory prides itself on having safe working conditions with ample natural lighting, and ventilation plus paying their staff above the minimum wage and ensuring reasonable working hours.

Product and Design

Wyatt Wylde’s collections are made in limited runs, so we don’t have excess fabrics or oversupply of stock. We design exemplary, well-made pieces that you will treasure and wear for many years to come, countering the damaging effects of mass-consumption that results from fast fashion

Centred on the principles of slow, considered fashion, we produce collections with a minimal footprint. Wyatt Wylde is uniqueness in a world of mass production.

Meet Jerson, he is responsible for pattern grading and samples

This is Jolly, she is mighty good on a sewing machine

The factory floor